Lovely my poodle!

Welcome to Poodle lovers blog!!!!!

I am a parson who love Poodles. I would like to introduce some convenient goods and information for Poodle lovers!!!

The information that I will tell you is from the U.S. and Japan. I hope that it will be able to encourage people who own poodles to live with your life.

Today, I want to introduce my dog.

I own a dog that is called “Tea cup poodle” in Japan. They are very tiny dogs that can be put in a coffee cup when they are less than 6 months old.

As you know, any kinds of poodles need well treatment from the owners. For example, they need to be kept the temperature in their rooms, trimmed their hair, prepared healthy food, and etc…….

They are very cute and smart, so please take care of them very well as possible as you can.

See you in the next posting. I will prepare a good item for them.


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