Pet Heated Pads

I am going to introduce a good item for your poodle. Now, it’s getting cold outside. Tiny poodle gets cold easily. So, Would you like to protect your dog from cold?

Lectro Kennel Heated Pads

This item makes your dog’s body warm, not too warm.

You can put it inside or outside.

It will feel slightly warm to the touch. Once an animal lies on it, the pad will reach its maximum temperature of approximately 104 degrees. It is thermostatically controlled for this temperature range.

Also, there are three types of size.

Small( 12.5″ L X 18.5″ W ) /Medium( 16.5″ L X 22.5″ W ) /Large( 22.5″ L X 28.5″ W )

Absolutely, your dog will love it .

You can find this good at PETCO. It’s around $70 per 1 item on the internet.

Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad Covers

I highly recommend to buy this pad covers together with the heated pad.

Only using the pad may not be comfortable for your dog because of hard touch.

You can buy it also at PETCO. It’s around $10 on the Internet.


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