Poodle cuts/ Trimming

I’m going to introduce cute poodle cuts in Japan.  People who owns poodles change the poodle’s hair cuts really cute. Some of them are funny….  As like fashion, there are many types of hair style. Today, I just pick the most popular hair style for poodle in Japan.

Teddy Bear Cut

The name of hair cut that is the most popular in Japan is called “Teddy bear cut”. Because of they looks teddy bears by the hair cuts, it”s called so.

As you can see the picture, it really looks teddy bear! she was cut her forehead hair roundly and around her mouth. Also, it was cut around eyes deeply. The body was cut by 10cm.

In her case, her ears don’t seem completely the teddy bear cut. This is also cute. If you want your poodle make more teddy bear looks, you can cut the ears hair shortly like the next picture.

This poodle was also cut the fore head and mouth roundly. Actually, she doesn’t have long hair,but the stylist make the hair puffy.

You just have to be careful when you cut around eyes hair. I recommend to go shops can cut doggy’s hair.

You must try this hair!


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