Get a cute costume for your dog

Have you ever found a really cute costume for your poodle?

I knew there is many cloths for dogs, but not costumes.

Today, i am going to tell you a secret shop that you can buy costumes making your dog more cute!!

I can tell that you say”cuuuuuuute!!!”

This is a witch costume for tea cup poodles. The owners of tea cup poodles may not find that kinds of clothes for them easily.

I will tell you where you can get it, later.

This is a pirate costume for tea cup poodles.

It’s also too cute. I am sorry for the camera angle that you can not see the back side.

By the way, the store sells not only for small dogs, but also for bigger dogs.

Now, it’s time to tell you the store you can buy it.

These were bought in England. People who have been in England, they might know Harrods that is a famous shopping store at there. You can find a pet store in Harrods.

Here is the website that you might want to take a look, however, this website shows only a picture of the store.

  • Harrods Pet Store

Here is the website of Harrods.

  • Harrods

I tried to find the online store for the pet store, but I couldn’t find it.

When you have a chance to go to England, just stop by the store. You can find amazing costumes for doggies.


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