Japanese Dog Cafe

Have you ever heard that dog cafe became so popular in Japan?

In the past, there are no place that an owner taking a walk with a dog could go in store. It has been dramatically changed. Now, there are many cafe can take a dog together in a cafe, restaurants, and hotels.

Therefore, I am going to introduce a dog cafe in Tokyo, Japan. You will be surprised how dogs are having rich time in Japan.

You probably imagine a dag cafe that just can take a dog in a store, but it is wrong. In Japan, it usually treats a owner of a dog and its a dog as the customers. Therefore, there are meal both for human beings and dogs. Dog owners enjoy going there to have lunch with their dogs, also communicating with other dogs owners.

It locates in a part of Tokyo. It’s close to Shibuya station. In this cafe, it serves delicious Italian dish. The store looks so clean and stylish doesn’t seem like for dogs.

Is has a menu for dogs including hamburgers, cakes, and so on. The cafe has not only a cafe, but also a dog salon, a dog run, a dog hotel, and a goods store.  Once you go to this website, you will be amazed.

Many people come the cafe with dog, even customers don’t have any dog. They enjoy and relax at there.


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