Super Groom Competition

Have you ever heard about Super groom competition?

It is one of a competition for Poodles.

The owners of poodle compete against others by unique cuts for poodles.

I will introduce some crazy cuts for poodles.

The competition is held by a magazine of “Groomer to Groomer” that is for dog owners. It’s a media arm of Barkleigh Productions, teaching professional groomers how to promote their business through the use of Barkleigh products. It became a vehicle of grooming news for the burgeoning professional pet-care industry, carrying news of contests, calendar of events, features and product news.

The winner of this competition will get a prize of around $2,000 by competing hair cuts for poodle.  Also, the owner and the dog will have the authority to show up on the cover page on Groomer to Groomer magazine.

Are you ready to see???

Oh My God!! Do you get what happen to this Standard Poodle? The owner is Sandy Hartness from California. She turned her standard poodle into a Ninja Turtle!!!  She and her poodle won the competition in 2007.  It doesn’t seem like Poodle anymore…

She is  Myra Macias from Texas who won first prize at the awards. She crates her dog as motorcycle with the theme Poodle Rider.

Do you agree with this competition? It is funny, but i feel sympathy as one of a poodle owner.

If you want to see the winner in 2009, you can click here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t paste the picture. You can go to the magazine’s page that shows a poodle transformed into a lion and a giraffe which is ridiculous.


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